Hearthstone streamer Kripp weighs in on Twitch gambling debate: ‘Gambling is fine … under lots of conditions’

Kripp advocates for regulations.

Screengrab via Kripp

Twitch veteran and avid Hearthstone player Kripp shared his opinion about gambling on Twitch, claiming it could be acceptable if done under the right conditions.

The gambling meta has taken over Twitch and driven a rift in the livestreaming platform’s community. After Twitch’s single largest streamer, xQc, returned to gambling sponsor Stake, the discourse surrounding the ethics of gambling on Twitch has been vehemently debated. Though there have been countless critics of sponsored gambling streams, coming from creators both on and off Twitch, the trend has only seemed to grow. Stake even brought on musician Drake to do a sponsored gambling stream.

One of Twitch’s most seasoned content creators, Hearthstone streamer Kripp, has been through nearly every Twitch trend. In a recent stream, the Twitch partner gave his opinion on how gambling should be treated on the platform and if it could find a place on Twitch.

While other content creators and viewers have been quick to give moral judgments over gambling as a whole, Kripp said he had no problem with the practice “under lots of conditions.” “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with gambling,” Kripp said. “There’s people who think gambling is immoral and all this shit, but I think gambling is fine.” The streamer made sure to clarify that he believed gambling is acceptable under specified regulations.

Kripp took issue with the current state of gambling on Twitch and the apparent lack of regulation against sponsored gambling streams that are often found to be scams. The streamer said that the website should take action against “a completely unregulated website based on crypto in the middle of nowhere in the Bermuda Triangle or some shit.”

While the discourse around gambling on Twitch is certainly not fading away anytime soon, it has primarily transitioned to Twitch’s responsibility in regulating the category. Though Twitch has not yet made any sort of statement regarding its ongoing controversy, the eventual pressure may cause the platform to crack.