HasanAbi shuts down viewer asking if he owns guns: ‘Stop asking dumb questions’

HasanAbi is sick of being asked if he owns guns.

Screengrab via HasanAbi on YouTube

Political streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker is more than comfortable with speaking his mind. In fact, that’s what he does every day on his streams and podcasts while touching on some of the biggest issues in politics. It can be intimidating when HasanAbi calls out a viewer, but that’s exactly what he did in a recent stream after being spammed questions about owning a gun.

While watching C-SPAN coverage about gun violence in the United States, one viewer repeatedly asked HasanAbi if he owned a gun.

Frustrated, HasanAbi shared the spam comments and started ranting to his viewers about the behavior, saying it’s his “favorite” type of chatter.

“What fucking gun owner that’s responsible, if they had a gun or not, would fucking tell you?” HasanAbi said. “What responsible person is going to inform 36,000 people on whether or not they have a fucking gun, what the make and model of it is, and how many fucking bullets they have, and if they have it in a fucking gun safe or not? The fuck is wrong with you, dumbass? Stop asking dumb questions, dude.”

Does HasanAbi own a gun?

The answer to whether HasanAbi owns a gun is a mystery for now, with the streamer making it clear he would never tell someone if he did.

HasanAbi has discussed his views on guns in the past, which is usually that it’s okay to own a gun but that he wants more gun control. He has expressed that people shouldn’t bring guns to protests and other gatherings where someone could be injured.

“I think it’s a good thing,” HasanAbi said about gun control earlier in 2022.

HasanAbi explained to some viewers who questioned his views that there should be an institution that creates law and order since police “do not serve that function” despite claiming to. He said police and the government should be enforcing gun control.

While HasanAbi isn’t against owning a gun, he does live in Los Angeles where there are stricter gun laws compared to other areas of the country. It’s still possible to own a weapon, but HasanAbi is not about to tell anyone if he went through the process or not.