Hasan, Ethan Klein debut political podcast The Leftovers

The duo are talking politics and culture on their new podcast

Screengrab via H3 Podcast

Hasan Piker and Ethan Klein announced and released the first episode of their newly founded, politics-focused podcast The Leftovers on YouTube today, where audiences can expect topics ranging from politics, culture, and the professional and personal lives of both hosts.

The launch came just hours after the two announced the podcast. The first episode clocks in at over two and a half hours and covers topics spanning from Hasan’s recent Twitter interactions with Nicki Minaj to the Republican Hype House. 

New episodes of The Leftovers are expected to come out on a weekly basis and feature the two consistently. The podcast can be found on Ethan Klein’s channel, H3 Podcast. 

Both hosts come from diverse podcast backgrounds. Hasan made his start on The Young Turks and has since become one of the most prevalent political commentators on Twitch. Alongside his new project with Ethan Klein, Hasan also stars on Fear and Malding with G4 personality, Will Neff.

Ethan Klein is a prolific podcast host of the H3H3 Podcast alongside Hila Klein, and has featured guests ranging from Post Malone to Jake Paul. Notably, Ethan Klein is coming off of a short-lived podcast Frenemies with Trisha Paytas. 

Ethan announced the new politics-centric podcast on his Twitter, mere hours away from the first episode’s launch, and hinted at the presence of a new host. You can check out the first episode of Hasan and Ethan’s first episode of The Leftovers on YouTube now.


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