GeoWizard makes insanely accurate guess without seeing location on Ludwig’s stream

The guess was perfect.

Screengrab via Ludwig

GeoGuessr is a game that shows players a location on Google Maps and asks them to pinpoint where the location appears on the map only using hints within the showcased area.

Making an accurate guess is extremely difficult given a number of different factors, but making an accurate guess without ever seeing the location itself is something insane. That is what the YouTuber GeoWizard was able to pull off on Ludwig’s stream, though.

The YouTuber was challenged with determining the location with his only clues being Ludwig’s description of the displayed area. As they began, Ludwig described the appearance of the structures, people, and the location of the Sun, before going deeper and looking for signs that would indicate a region or area.

After just a few minutes, GeoWizard was ready to make his guess—Crete, an island of Greece. That guess was the exact location the YouTuber had suggested.

It is no surprise the GeoWizard is one of the most talented GeoGuessrs in the world. His YouTube channel boasts a variety of videos on the game as he competes in tournaments or attempts a range of challenges in the game.