First Twitch Prime Show highlights new free games, in-game loot

Time to loot up.

Image via Twitch

Twitch hosted its first Twitch Prime show tonight and the theme of showing off what Prime members can get for free was on full display.

Most of the free content discussed and featured over the course of the show was information that has already been available, but the goal of the show seemed to be to highlight features of Twitch Prime for those who may not be aware of all of the benefits a member has.

The show opened up by detailing the 10 free games that are available for Twitch Prime members, including five new games for this month—Anarcute, Kingdom New Lands, A Normal Lost Phone, Splasher, and Dandara.

Following an explanation of the games, Goobers played Enter the Gungeon with a member of Twitch’s marketing team before giving viewers a quick rundown of all of the free in-game loot that is available to Twitch Prime members, including skins in League of Legends and Apex Legends, as well as free cards for MTG Online and Grand Theft Auto content.

Lastly, the show took some time to talk about the new “Starter Pack” offering that Twitch Prime is offering for World of Tanks, Warframe, World of Warships, and TERA. The premise of these “starter packs” are to help players who may otherwise not play the game get in-game items and support that could give the boost needed to get them to play.