Esfand and Five0AnthO handcuff each other while trying to arrest xQc in GTA V RP

The pair were forced to call for backup.

GTA V fan-trailer
Image via Rockstar Games

No Pixels GTA RP server offers players the ability to assume the identity of any character they like and in turn gives them the opportunity to take on a variety of careers, regardless of how qualified they are for the job.

During a recent stream, two members of No Pixel’s law enforcement team, played by streamers Esfandtv and Five0AnthO, created a hilarious moment when in pursuit of one of the server’s most notorious personalities simply named X.

X, the character controlled by fellow streamer xQc, looked to be at the end of the road. The two officers managed to detain him near their police car and were set to cuff X and take him to the station.

Things didn’t go as planned for the officers who wound up handcuffing themselves, allowing X the opportunity to escape.

The officers embarrassingly had to call for backup to uncuff themselves from each other before they could continue their pursuit.

With assistance from another officer, the team was able to redeem themselves and finally catch X shortly after. 

The recently launched No Pixel 3.0 server has caused a resurgence of GTA V on Twitch as the game takes its multiplayer to a whole new level with the addition of new features to facilitate immersion when roleplaying.

The server, populated by hundreds of streamers of all sizes, has produced hilarious moments as each player simply continues along their own path and interact with one another in character.