DrDisrespect says he’s earning millions compared to his former job in gaming

The Doc earns a hefty paycheck.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

The two-time DrDisrespect has revealed his earnings from Twitch in typical fashion. 

The Doc compared his earnings from streaming to his previous jobs earlier today, presumably at Sledgehammer Games. Although the specific work wasn’t mentioned, the two-time said he earned “$56,000 plus bonuses after three years of working on a project, with bonuses barely as much as the salary,” from his previous job. 

The Doc contrasted these earnings to his Twitch revenue. He said he was earning “millions and millions and millions of dollars just to put on a show,” after he was questioned from a donation message regarding his finances. 

“The math is just a little different, it’s a little off,” he concluded. 

DrDisrespect is presumably referring to his previous job at Sledgehammer Games. The two-time is played by Guy Beahm, who is a former community manager at the company.

In 2012, he accepted a position as a level designer. He continued to help create levels on Sledgehammer’s flagship title Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, including iconic maps such as Solar.

In 2015, the Doc moved away from Sledgehammer Games to pursue his career as a Twitch and YouTube personality under the alias DrDisrespect. 

This move has proven to be a success since he has amassed over three million followers and over 22,000 subscribers on the streaming platform, according to Twitch tracker, all of which will contribute to a hefty paycheck.