Dr Disrespect tricks Escape from Tarkov enemy by playing dumb in proximity voice chat

"No, my headset doesn't work. I have no game audio, bro."

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect on YouTube

Escape from Tarkov’s proximity voice chat can expose inexperienced players. But yesterday, Dr Disrespect took the tool to the next level by using it to play mind games with his opponent.

The proximity voice chat function in EFT makes it so that anytime you’re speaking through your microphone while playing, other players can hear you once they get close enough. With how difficult it is to survive confrontations in the game, using every bit of in-game sound possible to your advantage is key in winning an engagement.

Dr Disrespect was in a bit of a tough spot yesterday, knowing that an opponent was in his general vicinity. But instead of hiding and trying to stay as quiet as humanly possible, the Two-Time used his savvy and gaming experience to make a memorable play by actively luring the enemy into the room where he was.

Using the game’s proximity voice chat, the Doc started to play dumb and act like he didn’t know what he was doing.

“No, my headset doesn’t work,” he said to himself aloud. “I have no game audio bro.”

Disrespect continued to talk to himself as though he were trying to talk to someone else that was with him until his enemy took the bait and walked into the room where he was waiting patiently.

After executing the trap flawlessly with the surgical precision you’d expect from a doctor such as himself, all Disrespect could do was laugh at how well his trickery worked.