Dr Disrespect pulls off impressive Warzone no-scope on player in helicopter

He made it look easy.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

It takes quite a bit of skill to no-scope in Warzone, let alone against a target in an airborne vehicle. But Dr Disrespect managed to make it look easy, taking out a target during a recent game.

All squaded up with friends and new YouTube Gaming comrades Dr Lupo and Timthetatman, The Doc had all the inspiration he needed to pull off a highlight-reel play.

With little time to set up the shot, Doc looked up at the chopper and took a shot, seemingly just trying to damage to aircraft, but to the streamer’s surprise, he took out a player onboard in the process.

In almost theatrical fashion, the aircraft continued into the horizon away from The Doc and his squad, leaving his downed teammate’s body in the process. 

Continuing with Sniper in hand, the squad managed to keep the momentum from this impressive moment to achieve victory. Even with a Warzone win, it can’t have felt as good as hitting that shot with the setup The Doc pulled off.