Dr Disrespect gets challenged by WWE’s The Undertaker

Rest in peace.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect’s typically enormous ego took a hit yesterday when he received a “phone call” from one of the WWE’s greatest entertainers—The Undertaker. 

In one of Doc’s well-known “phone call” skits, he walked in front of his green screen where a stadium in the background had a screen flashing “Pick Up!” 

With ominous weather surrounding him, Disrespect slowly answered the phone, and once the voice on the other line started talking, he wasn’t too pleased. 

“You’ve trespassed on sacred ground,” The Understand said. “I have no patience for the two-time. WWE is my domain, my yard. Your transgressions will be punished. Dr Disrespect, you will rest in peace.”

Visibly terrified, Doc didn’t say a word back and ran off screen, with his stream ending seconds later. The news comes after Doc posted an 11-second video on Twitter of himself standing outside with a keyboard and mouse in hand. The video had no spoken audio, but it ended with “TOMORROW” being displayed on a completely black screen.

Prior to receiving the call, Disrespect’s phone went off while he was queuing for a game of Overwatch. Church bells rang on his stream and voice said “I’m looking for someone” as his stream gave off the feeling that it was glitching out.

Visiting his “arena’s” lock room, Disrespect was left clues laying around including spray painted messages saying “”Rest … In … Peace” as well as “I hear you were looking for someone.” His locker room also had a black trench coat and The Undertaker’s symbolic black hat prominently displayed.

“Something fishy is happening around here, and I don’t like it,” he said.

It’s unknown exactly what all of this means as of yet, but based on his Tweet yesterday, Disrespect’s upcoming announcement could have something to do with the messages. He is set to begin his stream at 1:00 p.m. CT.