Collectible trading card app Epics adds popular streamers to its lineup

Gotta catch 'em all.

Image via Shroud

Collectible trading card app Epics is expanding into making cards and stickers for popular personality streamers, including shroud, Summit1g, TimTheTatman, and AnneMunition. 

The digital trading card company has been making sets for CS:GO players since 2018. But today, it’s added a new category of content for streamers represented by the talent agency Loaded.

In preparation for today’s release, Epics commissioned artwork from a handful of artists to make up a combination of images depicting various content creators that range from goofy to intense and everything in between.

Each streamer appears to have a handful of different cards that include highlight clips and digital signatures in place of stats that you might see on the back of a traditional sports trading card.

“When we started Epics we naturally felt that streamers would be very collectible and that a set for Twitch talent would be a lot of fun to make,” Epics co-founder Mark Donovan told The Esports Observer. “Just like our CS:GO cards, all of our items are unique digital objects—which means they are all separately tracked including their entire ownership history and they also each have a unique mint number showing the batch and number that the card was produced in.”

Packs of cards can be purchased with an in-app currency called Epicoins. Coins can be purchased for real-life currency but can also be rewarded to your account by other in-app means.

Earlier today, The Esports Observer reported that during the first week following the streamer card launch, Epics is donating 30 percent of the collection’s proceeds to Feeding America and the American Red Cross to support COVID-19 pandemic relief.