CohhCarnage to redirect tips to his mods in 2021

The new system will be put in place Jan. 1.

Screengrab via CohhCarnage (YouTube)

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers has shared a new way to support the team of moderators on his stream.

CohhCarnage said starting Jan. 1, the tip button will be removed from his channel and replaced by a button to support the mod team who work on the channel.

Mods are an important part of any large Twitch stream. Moderators are assigned to ensure that no offensive or spam posts are left in the chat, as well as helping the streamer with general tasks.

Although they are such an integral part of most of the top live streams, mods often are unpaid and are elected from long time, consistent viewers of the stream.

For viewers that want to support CohhCarnage directly, subscribing to the channel is the best way to do so.