Australian streamer Pandatv has been live for 22 days in a row

That's 530 hours live.

Image via Twitch

Australian Twitch streamer PandaTV has been live for a staggering 22 days.

The streamer, who has been live for close to 530 hours, has been participating in an unlimited subathon event where his viewers can increase the time that Pandatv has to remain live by subbing to his channel. Although shocking to many, this kind of all-access style of streaming has become popular recently after fellow Twitch streamer Ludwig live-streamed his life for a full month, garnering a lot of attention and subs.

Panda’s stream is well on its way to eclipsing that of Ludwig’s, with his channel being live now for over 22 days beginning on June 1.

Within that time, Pandatv has played a variety of different games like World of Warcraft, the game for which he is best known, Sea of Thieves and party games like Among Us and Fall Guys which he plays with his fans. He’s even left his stream active while he sleeps.

Some of the subathon goals that his fans can include making Pandatv paint his nails, letting him eat and having him buy $100 worth of cryptocurrency.

Detailing his experience along the way on his Twitter, Panda mentions how difficult it has been staying awake to keep his fans entertained and him being uncomfortable doing things like sleeping on camera. His Twitter videos show just how fatiguing a work schedule like this can be, showing him barely able to stay awake as he talks to camera.

During the course of the subathon, he’s already managed to increase his view count considerably, hit 7,000 subs and become one of the larger content creators on Twitch across the Australia and New Zealand region.

Pandatv is currently still live at the time of publishing, and has no plans on ending the stream anytime soon.