Asmongold shares thoughts on DMCA strikes for election coverage

The streamer was torn on the issue.

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Staysafetv, a streamer and a friend of Asmongold, was banned on Twitch for 48 hours after receiving a copyright claim from FOX for watching its election coverage on his channel.

This prompted Asmongold to speak out about what streamers should do in cases like these and what he would like to see happen in the future in similar situations.

“My idealistic perspective is that nobody should get DMCA’d for rebroadcasting any content that has to do with the US election. That is my idealistic perspective,” Asmongold said. “My realistic perspective is [streamers shouldn’t] broadcast content from the U.S. election that is done by some of these main companies because [the companies] don’t really care about the election at all.”

Asmongold said some of these companies choose to report on local issues, like a plane crash or a shark bite, instead of reporting on international issues, such as drone strikes because, as Asmongold put it, “they don’t give a fuck because shark attacks are more exciting for the viewer.”

The 2020 presidential election took over Twitch on Nov. 3, with some streamers, like HasanAbi, reaching record numbers. Hasan, a political streamer, held a steady viewership of over 150,000 people for the duration of his stream.

With Twitch cracking down on DMCA infringements, many streamers are being extra careful about what content they showcase on their channel and ensuring they have the right to broadcast it.