Asmongold shares his thoughts and feedback on Valheim

"Great game with a lot of potential, some rough spots for sure though."

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Since its release, Valheim has been a popular choice for streamers thanks to its vast open-world survival playstyle. One of the streamers to enjoy the game is Asmongold.

In a tweet, Asmongold called the game great and it had a lot of potential, but it had some rough spots in the current version. After fishing all the content in the game and crafting all available weapons, Asmongold put together a document with his feedback on the game, breaking down what he believes needs work.

One of the key criticisms Asmongold has for the game is that the items are too easy to build or gather in the game. He also said some of these items are just not worth the effort or item investment that is required to use them.

As far as the main content in the game, Asmongold said the boss fights can be extremely buggy. This seems to be a popular opinion among the community and the streamer attributes this to a coding issue.

There were plenty of other thoughts the streamer shared on his experience playing the game and the full list can be found on his Twitter.

Despite being in early access Valheim has managed to sell over 4 million copies since its release on Feb. 2. The developer, Iron Gate Studios, has since announced a content release plan that will include updates to the game as well as new features such as a new biome coming sometime in 2021.