Asmongold says he will quit streaming if he takes another ‘break’

"I would be at that point ruining my life."

Screengrab via ZackRawrr on YouTube

Asmongold is one of the most popular content creators to ever stream on Twitch. But earlier this week, he wasn’t shy about saying that if he takes any time away from the platform again, it will be for good.

While talking to his viewers, the well-known MMO streamer said that if he is in a situation where he feels like he needs to “take a break” from streaming for an extended period of time, he will instead quit for good.

“If I have to take a break again, I will probably quit forever,” Asmongold said. “That is my plan. … Unless it’s like a crazy health thing or whatever.”

Asmongold might be one of the most-watched people on the platform, but despite his popularity, he has taken an extended hiatus from Twitch numerous times in his career. He usually takes his breaks to take a step back and focus on his personal mental health, and in YouTube videos that he posts semi-regularly, he hasn’t been shy about explaining his thought process.

“At that point, it would have happened four or five times, and it’s clearly unhealthy for me,” he said. “I’ve tried different ways to handle things and deal with them so if it continues to be that stressful it’s something that I’d have to move on… Because I would be at that point ruining my life.”

This mentality by Asmon comes following the passing of his mother, whom he lived with and helped take care of. His most recent break from streaming started in September prior to her death. He eventually came back at the beginning of February. In 2021, he took two elongated breaks from streaming on his main channel, and he took two in 2019, one of which bled well into 2020.

Despite taking a five-month break from streaming on his main channel in the past year, Asmongold is the 15th most-watched content creator on the platform in the past 365 days. His channel has the fifth-highest average viewership of any channel with more than 1,000 hours of airtime, according to stats from SullyGnome.