Asmongold calls for Blizzard to address World of Warcraft botting problem with #StopTheBots

The issue is plaguing all servers.

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

One of Twitch’s largest World of Warcraft streamers Asmongold has taken a stance urging developers of the game to address the frequent botting issues.

In a post, Asmongold requested a gamemaster to come to his location where he and other players had joined together to fight against “illegitimate cheating moonbois.”

In a reply, Asmongold explained how these bots run a script that sends their character in a circle eliminating NPCs and taking their loot to sell for raw gold value.

Asmongold said this issue not only inflates the in-game economy, making it more difficult for other genuine players to keep up, but it also puts stress on the servers at times and can cause them to lag out.

Using the hashtag #StopTheBots, many players shared images from their server of botting issues. Others showed their support of the movement.

During his stream, Asmongold and his viewers created a huge circle around locations with botting issues in protest. Not only did users from the same server show up, but players across many servers did the same to highlight the issue.