XQC encounters Among Us bug, gets killed after a body was reported

The players were all confused.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

One of Twitch’s most popular games, Among Us, has seen massive growth over the last few weeks since streamers began playing the game. While the game seems to have handled this server influx well, one streamer has encountered a bug in the game.

During a recent livestream, xQc went to complete a task along with a stack of other people around him. An alert about a body being found with a green crewmate on the image appeared, but shortly after this banner appeared on his screen, xQc got another banner saying he had been killed by a player.

As the banner announcing the body appeared on the screen, he began accusing Harambe of being the imposter, but once he had realized that he had been eliminated, he stopped talking. The remaining crewmates discussed among themselves what had happened as many of them had been standing right next to xQc as the body was reported.

There has been no explanation for what had occurred because once a body has been reported, players are no longer able to control their characters so there would be no way to eliminate a player.