Alinity is fed up with Twitch fans blaming her when others get banned

Alinity responds to trolls.

Screengrab via Alinity

Popular Twitch streamer Alinity recently explained that she’s tired of people tagging her on Twitter when their favorite streamers are banned.

Alinity has been an incredibly divisive figure on Twitch. Countless viewers have claimed that the streamer has received “special treatment” preventing her from being banned. Aside from this, Alinity has been the subject of several animal abuse-related scandals but was cleared by animal protective services of any wrongdoings.

In June 2020, whenever Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned from Twitch, Alinity was connected by viewers to the ban. Though this supposed connection has no apparent foundation and Alinity has denied any involvement, it seems that this issue has persisted for the streamer. Viewers have since made it a trend to continue tagging Alinity whenever any major streamer faces a ban. With the banning of Sodapoppin, Veibae, and more, the Canadian-Colombian streamer has seen another significant wave in this.

In a tweet, Alinity vented her frustrations. “It’s been 3 years. People still tag me when they favourite streamer receives an unfair ban,” she said. The Twitch partner’s tweet elicited support and sympathy for her continual harassment.

“They won’t say shit when you win streamer of the year,” Mizkif’s channel manager, Rosii, said. “Literally at the peak of my career, ‘You fell off,'” Alinity said, mocking viewers attempting to discredit her. “I don’t think they would stop Rosii.”

Alinity did not clarify which recent streamer ban may have resulted in her being mass tagged once again. Though Alinity clearly has some support to deal with the trolls continuing this three-year trend, it appears this is still a regular occurrence.