5 things we love about Gosu.AI

The artificial intelligence coach that will make you a better competitor

Photo via Mike MacKenzie (CC BY 2.0)

Proudly sponsored by Gosu.AI

It seems like is using consumer-grade artificial intelligence programs are everywhere these days. At the minimum, you may use a virtual assistant that can help keep track of your schedule or control your smart appliances. It’s almost a natural progression for AI platforms to start developing coaching software to help you get better at the games you love.

That is precisely what Gosu.AI is doing. To use it, you just need to register on the website and add the Gosu.AI bot to your Steam friends list. The AI will start collecting your game data instantly. For now, it can only help you make improvements across Dota 2, PUBG and CS:GO; with many more games planned soon.

Here are five of our favorite things about the Gosu.AI platform that we think will help you become the gamer you were destined to be.

Dota 2 ward feedback

For more experienced players, warding may come as second nature. Your timing, most viable positions to ward or, your zone use may be slightly off, however. In any case, the post-match analysis of your ward behavior will almost always reveal ways you can improve your warding and zone use. This data alone can be the difference between getting farmed in your next match or being one step ahead of your enemy.

PUBG landing success rate

Everyone has their favorite spots on the map where they like to land. Most players don’t really consider their landing success rate, however. That means that the favorite place you keep dropping in to may not be yielding you the highest chances of success. Over time, Gosu.AI keeps track of these trends and can help you discover your optimal regions to land. We get it, Pochinki is a lot of fun—but so is getting the chicken dinner.

CS:GO Game Brief

Queuing into games with randoms can be a torment. Every other player has the best strategy to win and will remind you that, at one point, they were one win away from the glorious global elite. Gosu.AI has been putting in work in this area and can now brief you before the match begins. Gosu.AI will tell you who has the highest win rate on your team, the enemy you need to be most worried about, and even who you might be able to catch off guard (probably distracted by chickens).

All of this makes for a much more informed decision before you go telling people where they should be playing. Discover all of their strengths and weaknesses before the match even begins. If that doesn’t help you towards a competitive edge, we don’t know what will.

PUBG weapon statistics

In the same way your favorite landing zone might not be your most successful, your go-to gun may not be your most reliable. Don’t worry, the post-match analysis will definitely set the record straight for you. Over time, the AI will pick up on your trends and make recommendations for your equipment loadout, and what combos give you the most success while also detailing how much damage you are doing with each gun.

CS:GO MVP rate

This is an interesting statistic. Most players will tell you they used to be a higher rank, or they have terrible luck with matchmaking. In the Gosu.AI pre-match report, all will be revealed. A low win rate doesn’t mean that a particular player isn’t contributing, surprisingly, it could say they do continually get matched with inferior teammates. Check out a player’s MVP rate and make an informed decision on who you should be listening to, or sticking with. Chances are they will be able to carry you through the current game, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting, again.

There are many more ways for Gosu.AI to change the way you game for the better. Head on over to the website to take a closer look at the platform and put yourself a step ahead of your enemy, or better yet, your friends.