R6 Allied Esports Minor standings: PENTA and DarkZero slip up, Team Secret surprise

Twists and turns define the Vegas Minor.

Image via steamXO

The Rainbow Six Siege Allied Esports Vegas Minor is in full swing. Fans have already seen a fair amount of upsets in the first five rounds of the Swiss system tournament.

The Vegas Minor is using a Swiss system. The finalists are typically determined by whichever teams have the highest amount of points at the end of the tournament. The format is used when there are too many teams to allow for a fair best-of-three style tournament.

Team Secret walked away with a spot in the Raleigh Major and a $30,000 prize. It was bittersweet for some fans to see Secret top LeStream, PENTA, Soniqs, and NiP. There’s clearly a huge amount of talent on the team, despite being relegated to the Challenger League in season nine.

Rogue were the first team to go 3-0 and grab a spot in the top eight. NiP followed close behind after shutting down DarkZero Esports in round two, 7-1. DarkZero’s performance may be a result of parting ways with Sam Jarvis a couple of weeks ago.

Rise Nation continued the bittersweet streak by eliminating Soniqs from the minor. Soniqs are the team that’s responsible for relegating Rise to the Challenger League at the close of season nine. It was like watching a different team handle business in a rather convincing way, and even though Rise didn’t make it to the quarterfinals, they held their own.

Grand finals

Team Secret vs. LeStream

Team Secret win 2-1

  • Clubhouse: 7-5 Secret
  • Border: 8-7 LeStream
  • Consulate: 8-7 Secret


Team Liquid vs. Team Secret

Team Secret win 2-0

  • Consulate: 7-2 Secret
  • Clubhouse: 7-4 Secret

CHAOS vs. LeStream

LeStream win 2-1

  • Villa: 7-4 CHAOS
  • Consulate: 7-3 LeStream
  • Bank: 7-3 LeStream


Team Secret vs. Team oNe

Team Secret win 2-0

  • Villa: 7-5 Secret
  • Coastline: 7-3 Secret

Team Liquid vs. Spacestation Gaming

Team Liquid win 2-0

  • Oregon: 7-4 Liquid
  • Villa: 7-4 Liquid

Rogue vs. LeStream

LeStream win 2-0

  • Clubhouse: 8-6 LeStream
  • Border: 7-5 LeStream


CHAOS win 2-1

  • Clubhouse: 7-5 NiP
  • Coastline: 7-4 CHAOS
  • Consulate: 7-5 CHAOS

Here are the Swiss system standings:

FirstTeam Secret3-0
FourthTeam Liquid3-1
FifthSpacestation Gaming3-1
SixthCHAOS Esports Club3-2
SeventhLeStream Esport3-2
EighthTeam oNe eSports3-2
NinthRise Nation2-3
10thTeam Vitality2-3
11th’92 Dream Team2-3
12thPENTA Sports1-3
16thDisrupt Gaming0-3