You may have missed this little Reinhardt adjustment in Overwatch’s PTR patch notes

It's a little change, but could have a massive impact.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s not only Mercy and D.Va getting adjustments on the Overwatch public test region.

We don’t blame you if you missed it, though. In the shadow of the massive Mercy and D.Va reworks is a little change to Reinhardt’s Barrier Field. “Holding primary fire while your shield is active now allows you to rotate the camera,” the patch notes read.

It’s designed to give Reinhardt a bit more situational awareness while using his shield and protecting his team. The German tank is able to be more of a protector if he’s able to really see what’s going on around him. He couldn’t before.

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Should this change go through and hit the live Overwatch server, Reinhardt players will be able to access the key for success—information. They’ll be able to shut down sneaky Tracers approaching from behind or, more importantly, to see if the team is actually standing behind them.

Reinhardt will be able to maneuver his shield to work with his team, instead of just hoping they’ve listened.

He’s one tank hero who’s been almost completely wiped from the dive meta, but times are a-changing. With the addition of Doomfist, as well as other balance changes, Reinhardt has been making a move back into the competitive Overwatch meta.

Will this tiny change be the drop in the bucket that makes him viable again? It just might.