Overwatch fan creates controller where you Naruto run to control Moira

Get ready for some cardio with your Coalescence.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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A new fan-made controller might be the perfect device for anyone who’s wants to get some exercise while playing Overwatch.

A streamer and Overwatch fan has created a unique controller that makes you run like Naruto in order to control Moira’s movements and attacks. He successfully mapped motion controls to Moira’s abilities, while also modding a Wii Nunchuck to act as the player’s mouse.

To use Moira’s ultimate, you have to go into a T-pose in the middle of a battle. To move forward in the game, players must run in place with their arms tucked behind them. The controller’s creator even showed that it was possible to win in an actual game with these controls—his Moira healed 37 percent of the team damage taken.

“Overall, it’s definitely a fun workout. I didn’t realize how much you have to move in Overwatch until I had to constantly run from spawn to the first capture point,” the Reddit user said. “The controller was a little janky—as expected when using the Xbox 360 Kinect—but I love it.”

This mod was probably inspired by the recent post on Overwatch‘s Twitter that was referencing the rush at Area 51. Moira’s run is also reminiscent of the popular Naruto run meme, so the connection made sense. Running around while playing a match can get tiring, though, so if you want to try this out, keep a lot of water at hand and stretch before hitting solo queue.