Immortals splatter Yikes in Overwatch Contenders group stage

Who wins when its D.Va against a car? We all do.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

All it took was Immortals’ angry gorilla to send Yikes’s D.Va player, Indy “Space” Halpern, diving into traffic.

Running from Immortals new South Korean tank player—but more than likely just resetting for a new push—Space steered D.Va’s mech right into Oasis’ busy streets, only to get splattered by a speeding citizen. Maybe more dangerous than some Overwatch heroes, Oasis’ car blasted Space back to the spawn room. The creative reset wasn’t enough to secure Yikes a win against Immortals on Oasis during their Overwatch Contenders Group C match, however.

Despite the 0-4 result of Yikes versus Immortals on day one of the Overwatch Contenders groups, Yikes showed resilience and scrappiness in all its tournament matches. In particular, Yikes forced Immortals to constantly adapt their style of play as Tracer player Dante “Danteh” Cruz consistently took out Immortals’ new support Park “KariV” Young Seo. For Danteh, there was a target on KariV’s back—and his shots always landed.

Yikes also came up strong against Tempo Storm and FNRGFE, winning both series and earning a respectable 2-1 standing in Group C. Immortals, however, came out on top, dropping only one map in their 3-0 run.

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Over in Group A, favorites FaZe Clan ended the night with two draws and one loss, landing themselves in last place. Selfless Gaming, another Overwatch Contenders favorite, placed just above FaZe, earning just one win and two losses. And that means that Team Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming, against all odds, showed up ready to fight. With no major championships under their belt, Team Liquid had something to prove—and they did.

Group B’s results will come as no surprise: Luminosity Gaming Evil stands at the top of the group with a 3-0 result, following by Toronto Esports, Envision, and You Guys Get Paid, respectively. Elsewhere in Group D, Detroit Renegades bested Hollywood Hammers and Cloud9, and earned a draw against Kungarna to find themselves at the top of the group. Unless Hammers and Cloud9 step up, Renegades and Kungarna will continue on as favorites for Group D.

The Overwatch Contenders group stage is far from over, however. Group play will continue June 25 to determine which eight teams move on to the playoffs.