Overwatch 2 queue times explode shortly after the game launches

The real battle is against the queue.

Not even Mercy can heal the Overwatch 2 queue just after the official launch time for the game. The PvP first-person shooter just launched for the first time in early access, and the number of people waiting to play has exploded.

The servers are completely overwhelmed at launch time, with fans reporting that there are over 40,000 players ahead of them, although some are even having trouble getting through the queue at all. Many are reporting that the game server connection is failing and restarting the search before even getting into the queue to play the game.

Although visually, players can only see that there are 40,000 people ahead of them, it is likely that the actual number of players trying to queue is much larger. The queue is moving consistently once players have a number in queue, but some players are also reporting that once the queue gets to zero they are encountering an error.

The queue will likely resolve itself as the player base evens out for the night and in the days after launch, but for now, fans will likely be sitting through long queue times and encountering multiple server errors before they can reliably get into the match and stay there without getting disconnected.

The only solution to this error is to wait it out, so those excited to get into the game will, unfortunately, have to wait a little bit longer until the queue starts to resolve. Players can keep track of any issues with the server through the Blizzard customer service Twitter.