Worlds 2016: INTZ “KaBuM!” EDG

Recap of INTZ vs EDG, the fourth game of the 2016 World Championship.

The fourth game of the day saw EDG taking on the International Wildcard team from Brazil, INTZ e-Sports. This game was written off as an easy EDG win, just a little warmup game for them to start the tournament with. 

Here is what actually happened:

Notably, EDG subbed in their former starting mid laner, Pawn. Pawn had been out for a while with a back injury, but with the meta being really Pawn-favored (a huge Jayce player in the past), they decided now was the time to sub him back in. Perhaps EDG thought that a game against the Wildcard team would give him a chance to warm up.

INTZ, noticing the sub, instantly banned Jayce, thus taking it away from Pawn. With one comfort champion out of the pool for EDG, they were sure to lock in Ezreal for Deft, as well as the lane dominant support in Nami for Meiko. The drafts rounded out as so:

EDG                                                      INTZ

Top: Gnar                                             Irelia

Jungle: Hecarim                                  Graves

Mid: Syndra                                         Vladimir

ADC: Ashe                                           Ezreal

Support: Braum                                   Nami 

Early in the game, the bot lane of EDG showed their dominance, getting a two-for-one kill trade in a straight 2v2 matchup. Shortly after though, Revolta was able to show up and dive the weakened bot lane of EDG, resulting in a double kill for Lee Sin. This continued trading of kills would keep happening, eventually leading to a six-to-six kill tie, but with INTZ miraculously leading in gold by 2.5k gold. 

Early on, INTZ was able to thouroughly domintate EDG’s top laner Mouse, which is something that many of the casters were worried about. Yang, the top laner for INTZ, was up 50 CS and two assists on Mouse at only 14 minutes, which Spawn cutely said was a “Worrying trend.”

EDG was falling apart, which led Quickshot to say “Is this the time to actually believe this is possible?” Noting how big of an upset this would be if INTZ was able to close out the game. 

“We are approaching the 20 minute mark and the jaws are on the floor. Are we actually witnessing a team from Brazil dominating EDG, the number one seed in the LPL?” This statement echoed loudly through the ears of many, as everyone was in awe at what was happening. 

INTZ was able to close out the game, despite Pawn’s attempts at bringing EDG back. Thanks to the well executed CC layering that INTZ was able to lay down on EDG’s AD Carry, they took the game, pulling off what will go down as one of the biggest upsets in all of League of Legends‘ history.

After the game, Revolta mentioned that they came in with no pressure on their shoulders since everyone expected them to be 0-6 in groups. He credits this as to why they were able to just play their hearts out and take a massive win against the number one seed from China.

INTZ is 1-0 in groups, while EDG is now 0-1… Wow.

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