CS:GO player TaZ got a Benz from Virtus Pro owner Sneg for winning DH Masters Vegas

Virtus Pro's owner promised TaZ a car if the team won the tournament, and he made good on his word.

A day before Virtus Pro’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team became the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas champions, organization owner Anton “Sneg” Cherepennikov promised Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas a Mercedes-Benz if the team took gold.

Well, Virtus Pro beat out SK Gaming in the grand finals. The team took home $200,000, but TaZ got an extra sweet deal. Sneg kept good on his word and picked up TaZ a Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV. A self-described “family man,” TaZ opted for the GLE SUV instead of the E-Class, which Sneg originally mentioned.

“Dreams come true, thank you Anton,” TaZ wrote on Instagram. “Always keeps his word. This wouldn’t be possible without my boys. Hope one day I will be able to repay them, one way or another. Not E-class, because I’m a family man now. Daddy TaZ needs some space!”

At 30-years-old, TaZ is a CS:GO veteran—one of the oldest in the space. In January, he had a kid, which explains the SUV; he needs space for that baby seat.

Virtus Pro won 2-1 against SK Gaming, smashing their way through the brackets to reach the finals. Earning the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas title in February marks the CS:GO team’s first major victory in 2017.

H/T TheScore Esports