Top 5 legendary skins in League of Legends

Here are our picks for the best legendary skins in League.

Ever since League of Legends was released, the game has become known for its extravagant champion cosmetics. The quality of skins in the game has also improved dramatically over the past several years in art style and design, going from simple alternate color switches to entire design and theme changes.

Legendary skins, however, don’t just change how a champion looks. The reason why they are considered special—and cost a whopping 1,820 RP—is because they also change up the animations, sound effects, and voice lines of the skin, creating a whole new experience for players on the Summoner’s Rift.

Here are the top five legendary skins in the game.

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

With a whole slew of new voice lines, animations, and sound effects to go with her rabbit-themed appearance, Battle Bunny Miss Fortune comes in as the second to take on the title of Anima Squad Commander within the skin universe. With flashy, bunny-themed attacks, sassy voice lines to match her fiery personality, and two cute bunnies that join her in her dance and recall, you’ll be hopping your way to more victories than you can count.

Battle Academia Caitlyn

As the notorious class president of Labrys God-Weapon Academy, Caitlyn has been transformed into a strict, yet talented student with a penchant for tea, flans, and headshots. She brings a new look to the Summoner’s Rift with her shonen-inspired designs, punchy sound effects, and posh voice lines. The animations are flashy and impressive, just like her performances in class, and the auto-attack and ultimate sounds should be satisfying for any AD carry.

Space Groove Blitz and Crank

In a unique twist of the champions design, Blitzcrank has been turned into a mech piloted by two cats named Blitz and Crank. The two fierce felines are set to battle against the Dog Planet, but they aren’t usually on the same page in terms of their intentions. On the Summoner’s Rift, Blitz and Crank throw out hilarious voice lines, with the former being the fun-loving type, and the latter being all business and no fun. If you’re looking to boogie on down, break out the disco ball and pick up this skin in the bottom lane.

Corporate Mundo

After updating all of Dr. Mundo’s skins, this classic legendary has become a fan favorite once more. The lumbering “physician” from Zaun has left the medical field to pursue a life of luxury and finances in this skinline, complete with new, humorous voice lines about stocks and investments and props for his abilities. He also rides around in a top-down convertible whenever he gets a speed boost, which only adds to the hilarity while trying to best your lane opponent.

Cosmic/Dark Cosmic Lux

Although they might look similar, Dark Cosmic and Cosmic Lux are two sides of the same coin where the Lady of Luminosity has fallen to the ways of darkness in the Event Horizon alternate universe. As the right hand of Cosmic Queen Ashe, Lux weaves celestial constellations together while bringing order to the chaos across the galaxy.

While Dark Cosmic Lux is colored in the ominous purple and black shades of the Dark Star, the regular Cosmic Lux represents the peace and authority of the Cosmic Court. They both share beautiful space-themed animations and sound effects and even play a version of Beat Saber for their dance. In her Dark Cosmic skin, she has quotes on destruction and giving in to temptation, while the Cosmic skin speaks on her belief in the light. 

They are incredible skins and two of the best-looking cosmetics in the game.