Top 5 legendary skins in League of Legends

Here are our picks for the best legendary skins in League.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games celebrated League of Legends’ 10th birthday by giving players gifts once a day for 10 days. With some essence, orbs, and an icon on the way, the most exciting reward was the 10th one, which gave players a random legendary skin.

Just like all other League cosmetics, legendary skins include a new splash art and champion model. What makes them special, though, are new animations, visuals, voice lines, and sound effects. This makes them a bit more pricey since all of the legendary skins cost 1,820 Riot Points (RP).

From Gentleman Cho’Gath in 2010 to High Noon Ashe just a few weeks ago, Riot has designed over 45 legendary skins—and some are more eyecatching than others. Here are our picks for the five best legendary skins in League.

5) God Fist Lee Sin

“The key to immortality? Being better than anyone else.”

Image via Riot Games

Lee Sin’s legendary skin embodies the feeling a player has when they make an amazing play with him. When you burst an enemy carry down with Lee’s kick and happily yell “Begone” with him, it feels like Lee’s fists are golden under your control. So what better way to show that off than with a ripped, golden Lee Sin with a glowing fist?

4) Star Guardian Jinx

“Glitter and guns—now that’s a winning combo.”

Image via Riot Games

There are many Star Guardian skins in League, with the whole alternate universe of highschoolers fighting celestial beings set in place. But Jinx stands out with her personality. No one would think the anarchist would join the cause of protecting others, so the implementation of her personality into the theme made for a skin that’s extremely entertaining, flashy, and satisfying to play.

3) Omega Squad Teemo

“There’s a mushroom out there with your name on it.”

Image via Riot Games

Teemo might have this cute, innocent yordle look, but his personality is nothing like that. In combat, he turns into a deadly weapon—and no skin embodies his evil side better than Omega Squad. The Swift Scout that saw the worst from the war has lots of advice to share, and if you think provoking everyone by picking Teemo is enough, wait until you hear these taunts.

2) Dragon Trainer Tristana

 “I’ve got a dragon and I’m not afraid to use him.”

Image via Riot Games

Dragon Trainer Tristana is probably the cutest legendary skin in League. The skin offers great interaction between Tristana and the little fire-breathing dragon named Riggle who’s helping her fight. Tristana uses Riggle instead of a gun, but he’s also her pet—she’s teaching him tricks and gives him tons of love and attention. Playing this skin almost makes it feel like you have your own baby pet dragon.

1) Aether Wing Kayle

“Judged, juried, and executed.”

Image via Riot Games

Although there were players who weren’t satisfied with the reworked version of Aether Wing Kayle, it remains one of the most popular legendary skins in League. After having her wings broken, Kayle is back to fight for justice with ailerons as her new wings and weapons. The skin looks luxurious with flashy animations and the golden color scheme.