Streamer deals over 8,000 damage with 3-star Lux spell in Teamfight Tactics

"Illuminate the enemy."

Image via Riot Games

What do you get when you put nine Lux units together in Teamfight Tactics? Pure destruction.

Twitch streamer Beybattler showcased the power of a three-star Lux during his broadcast today, dealing over 8,000 damage with each cast of Final Spark.

As the time until the next round was winding down, Baybattler rolled all of his gold in search of the seemingly intangible Lady of Luminosity. With nine units needed to get a three-star Lux and only 10 total Lux units in the champion pool, the streamer’s chances were slim. 

But a last-minute effort paid off. Using a Neeko’s Help, which gives you a one-star copy of any unit you possess, Beybattler was able to three-star Lux and absolutely decimate his opponent.

“I did it,” the streamer said. “A level three Lux. Holy crap… Dude, my Lux did 8,000 damage with her [ultimate].”

Lux finished the round with over 25,000 damage dealt and earned Beybattler a one-way ticket to the victory screen.

This feat is so rare that TFT’s developers intentionally buffed three-star Lux’s damage to ensure a player’s victory. An Oct. 29 update to the PBE, which hit the live servers today, increased a three-star Lux’s spell damage from 1,100 to 9,999. Since the champion costs more than any other unit in the game, at seven gold, players should be rewarded for saving up their pennies and patiently collecting the elusive unit.