Streamer creates spot-on VALORANT Viper VTube model

How about a Chamber VTuber model?

Screengrab via Riot Games

VALORANT fans might like the idea of ​​seeing one of their favorite characters in the form of a VTuber while playing the game. Reddit user wilula showcased their own version of Viper as a model for VTubers today and received good reviews from fans.

VTubers, or virtual YouTubers, are content creators who use digital substitutes for their physical form. This trend has grown and become immensely popular, with YouTube and Twitch VTubers making up some of the most-watched channels. Their personas can be made by themselves to acquire more personality traits or it is possible to find ready-made models online.

Wilula shared their creation on the VALORANT subreddit as a demonstration of the possibilities in the VTuber space.

This isn’t the first time a VALORANT template for a VTuber has appeared online. Artist azuyani has well-reviewed free models of Viper, Killjoy, Jett, and Sage. The artist also has a waiting list for VTuber model commissions on her website.

Additionally, there are already streamers using these models in VALORANT matches, which you can watch by following the Argentima Twitch channel with almost 50,000 followers, for example. In all the most recent livestreams recorded on her channel, viewers can see her using the Viper model in VALORANT matches. And no, she doesn’t always play as Viper.

To date, there have been no cases of copyright infringement involving the use or creation of VTuber models related to existing game characters. There aren’t too many cases like these being distributed and shared yet to know if Riot or other companies would take action against it.