Star Guardian Skins Officially Released

The long awaited Star Guardian skins have finally hit the rift.

Star Guardian Poppy, Lulu, Janna and Jinx finally fall down from the heavens onto the rift to join long-standing Star Guardian Lux.

In celebration of this, Riot has brought out a few bundles to grab all the new guardians at a discount.

Star Guardian Set – Available until Oct. 13 at 23:59 PT
5872 RP (7896 RP if you need the champions)

  • Jinx
  • Janna
  • Poppy
  • Lulu
  • Star Guardian Jinx
  • Star Guardian Janna
  • Star Guardian Poppy
  • Star Guardian Lulu
  • Star Guardian Icon
  • Star Guardian Ward

However, for those after the guardians by themselves, Poppy, Lulu and Janna are priced at 1350 RP each, and Jinx, a legendary skin, is priced at 1820 RP.

What do you think about the Star Guardians? Who would you like to see get a Star Guardian Skin in the future? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @GAMURScom.

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Image and info courtesy of Riot Games