Spring EU LCS Playoff race coming to a close as Origen are officially relegated

Origen will once again face the promotion tournament.

The EU LCS Spring Playoff race is reaching its end with just two weeks of matches left—but Origen’s fate has also been confirmed.

With G2 Esports, Misfits, Unicorns of Love and H2k-Gaming now confirmed for the playoffs, only two spots remain in the season ending tournament.

In Group A, two teams are fighting for that final spot: Fnatic, and Roccat.

Once thought to be a strong candidate for relegation, Roccat have been on a great run over the past couple of weeks. After starting the season 0-7, over the past two weeks the team have been undefeated.

After last week’s victories over Origen and Vitality, Roccat went into this week’s games with unprecedented confidence. In their opener this week they found themselves on the back foot against Fnatic, put to the sword in game one. However Roccat roared back with a close fought victory in game two before closing out the series 2-1 in a match that could turn out to be crucial for their playoff aspirations.

With that win under their belt, Roccat put breathing room between themselves and relegation with a comfortable win over bottom team Giants Gaming. Giants have a game in hand, but will need to beat G2, Fnatic and Misfits in all of their remaining matches to have a chance of overtaking Roccat.

Roccat’s win over Fnatic means both teams have four wins on the season, but Fnatic also have a game in hand on Roccat. Both teams still have G2 and Misfits to play, with Fnatic also playing Giants—meaning they are likely favorites for the playoffs.

In Group B, things are less tense. With six wins to Vitality’s three, Splyce will likely claim the final playoff spot in the group. Next week’s opener between the two teams will either confirm Spyce’s place or give Vitality a lifeline.

As for Origen, their losing ways continue. An eleventh straight loss and a loss to Vitality officially confirmed their relegation to the promotion tournament for the second split in a row.