Six People Correctly Guess Group Results

0.00033 percent of the Worlds Pick'Em community were able to see what we couldn't see in the upset of all tournaments.

A mere 0.00033 percent of those who took part in the “Worlds Pick’Em” this year were able to guess the outcome of the entire group stage. These odds equate from 1,846,410 people taking part in the “Pick’Em” this year and some would say that the chances of winning the lottery are far greater than predicting these results.

Who could have expected such an outcome at Worlds this year? Apparently, a very small margin of insane and/or lucky people. Regardless, nobody can argue against the fact that all of these upsets and high-octane matches have made this Worlds extremely enjoyable to watch. 

What were your Pick’Em choices? Were you one of the 610 people who correctly guessed the top-four teams from their group? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @GAMURScom.

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Image and information courtesy of Riot Games