Schalke’s Selfie is seeking offers for the next League split

He's currently still under contract with Schalke.

Marcin “SELFIE” Wolski, midlaner for Schalke’s League Challenger Series team, is seeking other opportunities, the player announced via social media.

SELFIE is part of the Schalke lineup that went undefeated in the EU Challenger Series in the Spring Split. He joined the team from Misfits at the start of 2017, after being replaced by former Origen midlaner Tristan “PowerofEvil” Schrage—after helping the team qualify for the EU LCS in the Promotion Tournament last summer.

He’s now considering other teams, but is still under contract with Schalke. SELFIE could opt to re-sign with the club for the Summer Split, and look at qualifying for the EU LCS in 2018. The team had an unsuccessful run in the LCS Promotion Tournament qualifiers following the Spring Split, where they lost to Misfits Academy.

SELFIE is a well-known Yasuo player who drew a lot of attention to himself in season four, with target bans coming out against him in the League of Legends ranked solo queue because of this. He began his competitive career with MeetYourMakers in 2014, when he was known by the name “Kori.”

Schalke was originally part of the EU LCS in 2016. Ironically, the team was demoted by the Misfits team that included SELFIE in the promotion tournament, before he joined the team as they departed to Challenger late last year.