Qwatti bolsters up its portfolio with ESL partnership

Never heard of Qwatti? Don’t bother, we got you.

For a sports clubs, entering esports is like stepping into a minefield. Every step could be the last. That is why they’re well-advised to seek help. Qwatti offers exactly that. It’s an esports agency that specializes in helping sports clubs build an esports presence without blowing up.

And while Qwatti isn’t very well known in the wider public, it’s relatively successful as a mine detector. The agency, based in Dublin, Ireland, accompanied the first steps of Schalke 04, Sporting CP, Brondby IF, and Legia Warsaw in esports.

Qwatti was involved the Legia eSports Cup 2016, where several soccer clubs sent their FIFA players to compete in Legia Warsaw’s stadium, organized Schalke 04’s scouting days, and helped set up the esports teams of Danish club Brondby IF and Portugal’s Sporting CP.

Yesterday, Qwatti partnered with ESL to “bridge the gap between sports and esports.” Their goal is to “cater to the needs of esports brands and companies interested in the world of sports, and sports franchises keen to get involved with esports.”

ESL, which touts itself as “the world’s largest esports company,” has been an esports entry point for non-endemic brands for years. PepsiCo, Gillette, and Dr. Oetker, just to name a few. In fact, it’s hard to get around ESL, which seems to be omnipresent in esports.

That said, the partnership between ESL and Qwatti, above all, bolsters up the agency’s portfolio. It adds a unique selling point to Qwatti’s pitches with potential customers. The agency now has direct access to one of esports’ biggest players. ESL, in turn, outsources its market entry consultations to a third-party—at least when it comes to soccer clubs.

ESL and Qwatti joining forces might not be a game changer, but it will have an impact on who these clubs first get in touch with in esports.