Minecraft AI finally reaches the world’s border

It only took 3380 hours, less time than the average human spends playing Minecraft.

Image via Mojang

The robot behind Minecraft AI has finally accomplished its goal of reaching the Minecraft world’s end. In a stream blaring “Final Countdown” and the chat spamming “I was here,” the bot walked and dug and swam toward its goal.

Upon completing its goal and thus having no reason left to live, the bot died. While the bot was finishing the run, it was raining in game, which is perfect, because the heavens wept to match our grief for the bot’s demise. The bot had died before, but every 20 minutes it created a checkpoint to start back from. 


Many viewers found this AI especially interesting, because they were unsure if the Minecraft world had an end to it at all. The border is very difficult to reach because the world is so sprawling.

Previous versions of the game didn’t have a border and instead had something called “Far Lands.” The Far Lands was almost impossible to reach, similar to the border. The Far Lands popped up when a player was so far that the origin world generator would break down and warp the landscape. That was replaced with the border years ago. 

The bot has been plugging away for 3380 hours to reach the end. That’s 140 days. Allegedly, the bot will be taking on a nether run next.