LCK Week 4: Top 3 for Each Role

LCK Week 4: Top 3 for Each Role Another list of the top 3 for each role based on the pick rates, ban rates, and ban+pick rates for the champions chosen this week in the LCK.

Photo via McLevn/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

LCK Week 4: Top 3 for Each Role

Another list of the top 3 for each role based on the pick rates, ban rates, and ban+pick rates for the champions chosen this week in the LCK. There are some changes this week thanks to the Ryze buff requiring red side to ban Ryze. As usual, I will talk a little bit about why each champion is in the top roles and below is the table/data I made. 



#1 Ryze

#2 Rumble

#3 Maokai

It wasn’t hard to see this one coming. Ryze is the new #1 pick in the top lane. His damage output is just as scary as before, but the difference now is he can spam a snare along with gaining a shield for better trades and survivability. Even if Ryze is behind he can dish out a surprising amount of damage. Finally, the last annoying thing about Ryze is there needs to be priority in game to either starve him or camp him. Teams typically want to starve out the opposing team’s hard scaling champions, but if the opposing team has a Ryze and another hard scaling champion then there are two priorities. Also, I already stated Ryze can deal a good amount of damage when behind and with being able to spam his rune prison he can still win 1v1’s against the opposing top laner. The easiest way to deal with him is to just ban him. It does give red side a slight disadvantage in ban/pick though unless they feel very confident in their early game. Ryze had a 10% pick rate, 90% ban rate, and a 100% pick/ban rate.

Rumble is a low cost efficient champion where he only needs a few items to be useful in team fights. As long as the Equalizers are on point and you don’t silence yourself in a team fight Rumble will make his presence known. Rumble had a 75% pick rate, 5% ban rate, and an 80% ban/pick rate.

Maokai still remains a top 3 pick in the top lane. He is a great tank who also excels in double jungling if the team wishes to do so. Maokai also isn’t a bad laner so he can be utilized in 2v1 and 1v1. Maokai had a 45% pick rate, 5% ban rate, and a 50% pick/ban rate.



#1 Leblanc

#2 Viktor

#3 Varus/Cassio

I just want to point out that Azir is not on the top 3 list this week. His banned/picked fell off very hard this week. When Ekko comes into play we will see if teams will prioritize him and see which mid laner slips off the top 3.

Leblanc is still regarded as the #1 mid pick. She offers too much for teams to pass on her. She is a hard lane to gank. She has plenty of burst and pick potential. With her low cooldowns it offers for plenty of chances to chunk a priority target to take an objective or even kill someone. Her nerfs haven’t hit yet so we will wait to see what the LCK teams think of Leblanc. Leblanc had a 15% pick rate, 80% ban rate, and a 95% pick/ban rate.

Viktor moves up one spot this week. He is continued to be shown as a monster laner whose burst damage is very high. His upgraded death ray provides wave clear and a snowballed Viktor only needs 1-2 spells to chunk someone out as seen by Faker playing Viktor. Viktor’s item is extremely strong since it will provide a massive amount of mana, AP, and upgrade his abilities. The one problem with Viktor though is he has low mobility. He can get killed if the player isn’t careful of where the jungler is or utilize his vision correctly. Viktor had a 60% pick rate, 30% ban rate, and a 90% pick/ban rate. As a side note, Viktor had a rather low win rate of 33.33%, but if you watch the players who know how to play Viktor correctly by not getting punished for having low mobility then you’ll understand why Viktor can’t be ignored.

Varus and Cassiopia share the third spot. It seems to be Cassiopia and some other champion sharing this spot each week.

Varus has gained more attention in LCK. Week 3 he was being picked/banned a little bit, but this week he has become more prioritized. Varus offers strong poke damage, but falls out late. However, Varus’s early and mid-game damage is not to be messed with. He can poke out other mid laners and even set up easy ganks if he lands his ultimate. If Varus gets ahead then the team can siege with him and be very annoying in general. However, like Viktor Varus has low mobility and can be punished if he oversteps/aggresses too hard. Varus also is a tear champion like Cassio so he needs time to build up the stacks. Varus had a 20% pick rate, 35% ban rate, and a 55% pick/ban rate.

Cassio still remains in the third spot. She has the damage and even some crowd control, but teams preferred Leblanc and Viktor instead of her this week. Cassio had a 15% pick rate, 40% ban rate, and a 55% pick/ban rate.



#1 Gragas

#2 Rek’sai

#3 Evelynn

Gragas can’t be stopped still. Like I say each week his kit just offers too much in the sense that is has engage, disengage, sustain, and pick potential. His W also scales with health and he builds cinder hulk tank so it is even more beneficial. Gragas had a 35% pick rate, 65% ban rate, and a 100% pick/ban rate.

Rek’sai falls in second again. She has the early game and global presence without falling off hard late game like Evelynn and Leesin. Rek’sai had a 75% pick rate, 10% ban rate, and an 85% pick/ban rate.

It’s just Evelynn in the third spot this week. Sejuani’s weak early game is pushing her away where as Evelynn has a big early game presence, but weak late game. She provides pressure thanks to her invisibility and can help snowball the low mobility mid laners that are being picked like Viktor and Varus. Eve had a 30% pick rate, 15% ban rate, and a 45% pick/ban rate.



#1 Alistar

#2 Thresh

#3 Nautilus

As a note for supports, Annie was picked 5 times this week and won all 5 games. She is meshing well with Kalista and Sivir who are top ADC priority picks currently. Maybe next week she will be picked more or this might have been just an exception to this week.


Alistar in the front as usual. Like Gragas Alistar’s kit offers too much and will be seen at the top of supports until some kind of change is done to him or other support champions. Alistar had a 60% pick rate, 40% ban rate, and a 100% pick/ban rate.

Thresh pulls ahead of Nautilus this week. Thresh has more safety to him compared to Nautilus and with more low mobility mid and top champions being prioritized Thresh’s lantern becomes more useful towards those comps.

Nautilus has sole possession of third place. Janna wasn’t picked much this week. Nautilus is the overloaded crowd control support who will either make himself or you pay for his hooks. Nautilus had a 40% pick rate, 0% ban rate, and a 40% pick/ban rate.



#1 Kalista

#2 Sivir

#3 Vayne


Kalista continues to be a scary ADC pick. She has many uses like having a strong early game, can provide vision, and can utilize her ultimate for several different kinds of situations. Like I predicted as well, the more she is picked the better her win percentage will get. This week all 6 games Kalista was picked were all won. Kalista had a 30% pick rate, 70% ban rate, and a 100% pick/ban rate.

Sivir remains the utility queen of ADC’s. Her ultimate synergizes well with the low mobility champions like Viktor, Varus, Rumble, Ryze, and Maokai. She also has underestimated damage since her ricochet is an auto attack reset and her boomerang offers strong poke. Don’t forget her wave clear as well. Sivir had a 65% pick rate, 10% ban rate, and a 75% pick/ban rate.

Vayne takes over the third spot. Corki seemed to a niche pick for week 3. Vayne is known as a counter towards Sivir who is picked quite often. Vayne also can keep Alistar, Gragas, and other dash combos at bay with her condemn. Vayne can also be used to split push depending on how far ahead she is. Vayne had a 40% pick rate, 10% ban rate, and a 50% pick/ban rate.


 As usual, credit towards LoLesports for their VODS and quick access towards the picks/bans for each game and credit towards riot for the usage of the champion pictures.