HCS Fall Season Week 3 Standings and Stats

With the first break of the HCS season coming up at HCS Orange County, take a look at the current standings and stats after three weeks of play.

HCS Orange County is here, and with it on the horizon, we have three weeks worth of stats and standings to go off of when previewing the Pro League bracket.

Here is how the teams stand after three weeks of play:

A few notes:

  • Finally, the Team EnVyUs “God Squad” has come to fruition. They currently lead all teams not only in the standings, but on Slayer, a feat that seemed ridiculous given the talent on OpTic Gaming. Not only that, but they are the quickest team in terms of their wins, beating opponents in roughly seven minutes on average.
  • Speaking of OpTic, they lost their top spot of Slayer, shocking considering they have one of the best slayers in the league (we’ll get to those stats next).
  • EG took a major hit by getting swept in both of their matches across the board. Look for them to come to Orange County with a vengeance.
  • While LOL’s stock rose, Team Allegiance seemed to fall from their game five reputation to a worse one: bottom of the table. They are 1-6 in all games, including three losses in Strongholds, which is supposed to be their prefered game type.
  • The biggest slide that you may not notice? Team Liquid lost three games of Slayer, and while their objective play is improving, they may need to get their KA/D up if they want to slay the competition in California.

Here are the stats leaders out of week two:


  1. Justin “Pistola” Deese – 2.098
  2. Jonathan “Renegade JW” Willette – 2.092
  3. Eric Snip3down Wrona – 2.022
  4. Richie “Heinz” Heinz – 2.013
  5. TIE – Mathew “Royal2” Fiorante / Cuyler “Huke” Garland – 2.012


  1. Justin “Roy” Brown – 1.333
  2. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins – 1.042
  3. Tony “LethuL” Campbell Jr. – .0913
  4. Braedon “StelluR” Boettcher – .0833
  5. Paul “SnakeBite” Duarte – .0826 

Going into HCS Orange County, what should each of these teams key in on so they can take home the mid-season gold? What other stats do you want to see in these weekly articles?

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(Statistics were made possible by HCS Stats on Twitter, additional statistics and standings made possible by Halo 5 Arena)