The new Galio has only been out for a little while, but he’s already being hit with nerfs

He was a bit too powerful at launch, and Riot is dialing him back.

The newest champion update for Galio went live with League of Legends’ Patch 7.6 a little over a week ago. If you’ve played against him since then, you’d know that he’s a bit too powerful. Fret not, however, because Riot has some nerfs in store for him already, and they are on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for testing right now.

The PBE is League’s platform for players to test and gather feedback on new features before they are released, and typically, balance changes like the ones coming for Galio find their way there before making it to the live client. Galio’s changes right now should actually hit him pretty hard, but he’ll still be viable.

The damage from his passive, Colossus Smash, is being lowered at all ranks. Likewise, the percent-max-health damage on his Q, Winds of War, is also being lowered from nine percent to six percent. The damage reduction isn’t terribly significant, but it should be enough to make Galio a bit easier to play against. His Q is also being buffed by a small amount on top of the percent-health nerf. The initial damage that scales off of Ability Power (AP) is having its AP scaling raised, so building items like Rod of Ages or Abyssal Scepter would help him out.

Galio currently deals much more damage than anyone as tanky as him should deal. Lowering the raw power but increasing some scaling means that he’ll benefit from building a little more damage and a little less tankiness, making him easier to kill. After these changes, Galio should be in a healthier state.