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Fortnite’s v8.50 update is coming this week—here’s what it can change

It might come later than usual, but for a good reason.

A new Fortnite: Battle Royale update is coming this week. After seeing comments from Epic Games employees on Reddit, we can assume it’ll most likely be the v8.50 update.

A standard Fortnite update usually comes on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but it looks like the v8.50 could come on Thursday, April 25. That’s the date Epic revealed for a new Fortnite x Avengers mashup that’s coming to the game—and despite the title of this collaboration being the only detail confirmed so far, it’ll probably bring some kind of special event to the game that would be easier and more fitting to deploy in a fresh update than a day or two after it.

This will also be one of the last updates of season eight. Leaks have revealed that the one coming next week will be a Content Update, so v8.50 should be the last one with big changes this season. This will also be the patch that week three of the Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers will be played on, which is the second week of Solo competition.

Here’s what we think is coming with the v8.50 update later this week.

Fortnite x Avengers mashup

A teaser has revealed that a new Fortnite event will be Avengers-themed. We know very little so far, but our guesses are that either a new Limited Time Mode is coming, new cosmetic items inspired by the movie will be added to the Item Shop, or exclusive challenges to unlock Avengers items will be released—or all three might happen at the same time.

The event will be released on April 25, so it’s likely coming with the v8.50 update.

Season nine lead-up

More map changes could come to Fortnite as part of the lead-up to season nine. The game’s latest update added a giant metal hatch to Loot Lake that players seem to be able to help open by activating five runes. When v8.50 drops, we’ll either see new developments in the season eight end lore or a continuation of the runes storyline somehow.

Several bug fixes

An Epic community coordinator revealed on Reddit that the company will fix a huge list of issues in Fortnite for the v8.50 update. One of the major bugs to be fixed is shotgun hit markers that appear even when the user deals no damage, which makes players feel like the issue is with the shotgun dealing zero damage instead. Another bug set to be fixed is ghost sounds, which make players listen to the sounds of players reloading and pulling their guns and using gliders even when there’s no one around.

Other minor bug fixes related to stability and consistency of controls on controller should come in the v8.50 update, too.

We’ll update this story once Epic reveals more information about the v8.50 update.