Former REUNITED Overwatch Roster is Looking for a new Home

REUNITED is shutting down shop. Now the Overwatch team is looking for a new home. Who will pick them up?

Earlier this morning, REUNITED announced on Twitter that the organization is going to be “ceasing all operations” and shutting down.

Shortly thereafter, we see that Thomas “Morte” Kerbusch announced that the former REUNITED Overwatch roster plans to stick together and they will be looking for a new organization to play under. Morte was the captain of the team and also a co-founder of REUNITED.

This would be a great shot for an organization trying to make its way into Overwatch to get a solid roster from the get-go. However, the current ex-REUNITED roster only comes as a four-man team right now due to REUNITED getting rid of Stefan “ONIGOD” Fiskerstrand and Sergi “Winghaven” Torras back on Jan. 6. The remaining roster consists of:

  • Thomas “Morte” Kerbusch – Support
  • Harrison “Kruze” Pond – Flex
  • Andrei “uNFixed” Leonov – Flex
  • Hendrick-Williams “vallutaja” Kinks – DPS


Rumors are circulating that the end to this organization came due to uncertainties based on how Blizzard plans to run its pro league, and the fact that nothing has really been announced yet. REUNITED also states that regardless of their choice, there are no hard feelings against Blizzard. 

We will be sure to bring you more information as this situation develops. 

Do you think Blizzard needs to speed up the process on things with this league to prevent other teams from catching cold feet? Or, should they keep taking their time to make sure things are done right? Comment below or tweet your answer to us @GAMURScom.

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