This new streaming deck aims to make broadcaster’s lives easier

The Elgato Stream Deck has over 200 customizable buttons to personalize your experience.

A new device launching this May wants to make your streaming a lot easier.

Elgato Gaming’s new Stream Deck device boasts 210 customizable options via 15 LCD screens, allowing broadcasters to control every aspect of their stream with the touch of a button. Streamers can also display memes on the screen to pop out at their viewers.

Elgato specializes in broadcasting technology. Its most popular product, the Elgato Capture Card, allows streamers to capture gameplay off a TV screen and broadcast it on Twitch and other streaming platforms.

With the Stream Deck, Elgato is clearly aiming to revolutionize the broadcasting process by offering a professional tool that can fit in the palm of your hand—delivering more personal control over streams without having to handle multiple windows and devices at once. Broadcasters aren’t limited by the fifteen button options, as they can create folders and give the buttons custom keys to really make the device their own.

Of course, there’s no guarantee the company’s vision will actually align with broadcasters’ needs. Livestreaming is a new industry, and hardware that caters to it is even newer. There are bound to be misses along the way.

The device costs $149.95 through Elgato’s Amazon store and is currently slated for a release date of May 15.