Dyrus: Inconsistently Consistent

With the prospect of retirement looming, is the time now for Dyrus to step away from the competitive scene? Or is it simply just time for Dyrus to do what he does best, and be inconsistently consistent in the best possible way.

With three months to The International, Dota 2 fans are getting an early preview of a potential final match-up today

As of late, many TSM fans have been calling for the head of Dyrus. The “Rock of TSM” has long been heralded as one of the most consistent players in the history of League of Legends, but has seen a steep decline in performance in recent months. Is this dip truly the first sign of weakness in the veteran top laner? Is it time to replace the backbone of Team Solo Mid?

An Overview

It is easy to see why Dyrus is synonymous with the word consistent. He is one of only two players to qualify for all four world championships, and after winning the 2015 Spring Split, he seems clear on the course to his fifth. While his champion pool has adapted to the meta of the time, his role in the team has always been the same. With the exception of a Jayce game here and there, it has always been Dyrus’ job to go even in lane so that his mid and bottom lanes could carry. Dyrus’ ability to go even, or even get ahead, in poor match ups and unfavorable lane swaps is certainly remarkable. With a reputation like this, Dyrus and his team have certainly have always done at least okay, right? Well, maybe not.

Season 3 World Championship

The Season 3 World Championship was a very, very rough tournament for the Season 3 All-Star Dyrus. It was here that the “Camp Dyrus” that Cloud 9 had managed to beat TSM with was really abused. In 7 games (obviously excluding the thresh game) Dyrus raked in 38 deaths. His statistics appear even better than his performance thanks to his 1/0/13 Shen game vs Gaming Gear EU. Dyrus’ rumble, then considered his best champion, went 6/20/13 over three games. Dyrus displayed his complete inability to deal with heavy jungle pressure. Following this tournament, much like right now, the cries of “Bench Dyrus” rang out.

Return to Glory

Despite the pessimism of the community leading into Season 4, Dyrus was back and better than ever. At the conclusion of the tank-heavy Spring Split, Dyrus had a 6.30 KDA. This was 1.07 higher than his All-Star Spring Split of Season 3. Like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, Dyrus came surging into the new Season. In the Summer Split, Dyrus remained on top and was an absolute monster in the Summer Playoffs. His lane dominance lead to one of the most memorable moments in his career, when he solo killed LMQ top laner ackerman twice in a single game on Dr. Mundo. A year removed from rock bottom, Dyrus was once again a superstar.

An Unclear Future

Dyrus’ recent shortcomings give a valid reason to question what his future might hold. With the prospect of retirement looming, is the time now for Dyrus to step away from the competitive scene? Or is it simply just time for Dyrus to do what he does best, and be inconsistently consistent in the best possible way.