CWL North American Pro Point Standings: Feb. 5

Need to see where your favorite team lies ahead of MLG Atlanta? Check it out here.

GameBattles politely rescheduled this weekend’s North American 2K pro point tournament due to Super Bowl Sunday, and although there were several issues with this event, some changes took place in the standings when OpTic Gaming finally took home the title around 5:00 a.m. EST. 

Ahead of MLG Atlanta, there is a new team in the top-four and a larger range of teams to track, so rather than bore you with the details, here is what the standings look like:

(Note: These pro points were calculated using information from GameBattles. Due to the pro point lock at 3 a.m. and Saturday’s 2K ending at 5 a.m., the points for the tournament have been manually added to the teams.)

The first four teams on the list will be the NA pool play representatives at ESWC Paris, however, Rise Nation is not up to speed with its fellow top-tier sides. Exiting two 2K tournaments in the round-of-32, and finishing the last 2K tournament in the round-of-16, Rise will have to prove on LAN that it is the same team who left Vegas if they want to hold their pole position.

eUnited wound up being the unlucky fifth team, as a loss to OpTic in yesterday’s 2K doomed them to the ESWC open bracket, but they still maintain a good lead over teams outside of the top five.

Sigma Gaming’s decision to bring on Ethan “Bounds” Cordero has worked wonders for them in the standings. Not only has it helped them take top-16 in a 2K, but it also boosted them into the top-20 for pro points, with a chance to break into the top-15 or 10 depending on how Atlanta shapes up for them.

There are a few new faces to the pro point standings since we last updated them, so welcome to Projekt Evil, Gut Tough Gaming, Axon Gaming, InControl Gaming, Wise Gaming, Rogue, Awe Sports, Vault Esports, and University Esports; and TheGosuCrew Blue, but that was technically Team DraMa all along.

Needless to say, most of those teams are in the bottom 10 of teams tracked by GAMURS, however if the MLG Atlanta open bracket gives them a good draw, or they produce a few upsets, they could be jumping over a few organizations and on their way to becoming a pro team.

Get a good look at these standings, because when both MLG Atlanta and ESWC Paris end, the CWL picture may look completely different.

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.

Image via Blazy, pro point standings by Waves