Best budget microphone for gaming

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best budget microphone for gaming

It’s 2022 and streaming, gaming, and podcasting have never been more lucrative. If you know a lot about something and have a lot of unpopular opinions on it, you’re good to go! But before you stun the world with your content, you need to have a decent setup.

To begin with, you’ll need a good microphone that can produce clear audio and cut out all the background noise. You probably believe you have to shell out a decent amount of cash for a top-notch mic. But thankfully, there are some budget options that’ll work just fine.

What to look for in a gaming microphone

  • Analog or USB: An analog mic connects to a 3.5mm audio jack. Meanwhile, a USB mic can be connected to the USB ports.
  • Polar Pattern: This pattern determines from which direction will the mic receive sounds and their intensity. Cardioid collects sound from the front, which is suitable for voice-overs and streaming. Stereo is perfect for ASMR recordings. Bidirectional mics pick up sounds from the front and the back. Meanwhile, omnidirectional mics record sounds from all directions.
  • Frequency: This denotes the range in which the mic will pick up sounds. Usually, the frequency range is 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

So whether you want to be the next Twitch sensation or an aspiring YouTuber recording their gameplay, here are the best budget microphones for gaming.

FIFINE metal condenser recording microphone

FIFINE Metal Condenser Recording Microphone
Image via FIFINE
FIFINE’s Plug and Play microphone was probably crafted with gamers and streamers in mind. The cardioid mic is compatible with Discord and Twitch. It has USB connectivity, so it can be used with PCs and laptops. You can use it with PS as well. With the cardioid pattern, the mic picks up only your voice and leaves the background noise behind. As the mic is made of metal, it’s quite durable. For multi-utility and flexibility, it comes with a tripod stand. Note that the mic doesn’t work with Xbox and mobile phones.

Blue Snowball iCE Plug ‘n Play

Blue Snowball iCE Plug 'n Play
Image via Logitech
This retro-looking microphone gives you that iconic blue broadcast sound. With the custom capsule, you can achieve that focused, clear audio. The cardioid microphone has USB connectivity and works well with PCs and laptops. The mic is Skype and Discord certified. You can use it for streaming on Twitch, recording videos, for Zoom calls, and more. As the mic comes with an adjustable stand, you can position the mic as per your comfort.

JLab Talk Go USB microphone

JLab Talk Go USB Microphone
Image via JLab
If you’re looking for a multi-purpose mic, then Talk GO by JLabs might serve you better. The mic comes with two modes – cardioid and omnidirectional. So you can do a lot with this mic – gaming, streaming, podcasting, conference calls, and even ASMR. With USB connectivity, you can connect the microphone to your PCs and laptops. The mic features a 3.5mm audio output for listening in real-time. The Quick-Mute button lets you stop and start recording with just a click.

AUDIOPRO computer condenser gaming mic

AUDIOPRO Computer Condenser Gaming Mic
Image via AUDIOPRO
AUDIOPRO’s Plug and Play microphone is made from metal and has a heavy, anti-skid base. You can easily plug the cardioid mic to any PC, laptop, PS5, PS4, and even Andriod phones. With the cardioid pick-up, the microphone records crisp, bright vocals. You can hit the LED-lit mute button quickly and even tweak your audio with the knobs. The mic also lets you monitor your sound with no latency. If you’re into streaming or podcasting, this is a great option. It looks quite “professional” and also blends in with an RGB-heavy setup.

Razer Seiren Mini USB streaming microphone

Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone
Image via Razer
Razer’s Seiren microphone picks up your vocals and delivers crystal clear recording. With a tighter pickup angle, the mic keeps background noise at bay. The built-in shock-mount further reduces the vibrations to create crisp audio. The cardioid mic has USB connectivity and lets you connect seamlessly to your PC and laptop. Razer Seiren is quite sleek and would suit any minimalistic setup without taking up much space. It’s good for streaming on the go and it’s quite discreet on the screen.

HyperX SoloCast

hyperx solocast
Image via HyperX
HyperX SoloCast comes loaded with features. To begin with, the cardioid mic comes with a tap-to-mute sensor. To mute, you simply tap on it and the LED indicator tells you whether you’re recording or not. The plug-n-play mic is compatible with PS5, PS4, PC, and even Mac. SoloCast comes with an adjustable stand which lets you find your sweet spot. The microphone is compact and will fit in with smaller setups too. With the USB connectivity, all you have to do is plug and play to get started.

At the end of the day, you want a mic that delivers crisp, clear audio without burning a hole in your pocket. Consider your needs – do you want a mic exclusively for gaming? Or do you want to use it for meetings, presentations, and more along with gaming?

Buy a mic to suit your purpose. Go for features that will actually come in handy instead of sounding fancy. And finally, grab a compact model that will fit in with your setup and save space.

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