ARAMs in League of Legends are about to be changed for the better

Big update on the way designed to make ARAMs feel faster and more chaotic.

Changes are on the way to League of Legends’ fast-paced game mode, ARAM, according to a tweet by Rioter “ManWolfAxeBoss.”

The changes are designed to speed up matches on the Howling Abyss, because that’s what ARAMs should be. They should be quicker, less serious, and more chaotic than matches on Summoner’s Rift, because that’s the nature of the game mode. Pitting 10 randomly selected champions (which players may or may not know how to play) against one another in one lane should lead to a bloody mess of a game.

The problem is, many ARAM matches have been lasting quite a long time, especially games where both sides either get all mages or all tanks. With mages or tanks, even if you win a teamfight against the opposition, you’ll have a very hard time taking down towers, prolonging the duration of the match even more. Soon, you’re sitting in an ARAM that lasts 30 or even 40 minutes, and you think to yourself, “Wait, I didn’t queue up for a solo queue game, did I?”

Well, that’s what Riot is aiming to solve. It’ll be buffing minions to the moon and back so that teams can take objectives after winning a fight, even if they don’t have a marksman.

Inhibitors will feel like a much bigger deal, because super minions are being turned into Super Mega Deathlord Minions ™. That’s not actually their name, but they are getting the most buffs. Armor for supers is being tripled, their damage is being almost-doubled, and they will grant a movement speed buff of 20 percent to all ally champions nearby. 

Taking down the inhibitor and spawning these ridiculous super minions will spell certain doom for your enemies. Minions and cannons in regular minion waves are also going to be spawning a lot more often. Oh, and relics will now heal you more depending on how much health you’re missing.

These changes will make winning a fight feel momentous, because even if your team doesn’t have a good champion for taking down towers, the endless horde of minions will take care of it for you. This should make games progress much more quickly.

For those that like to play ARAMs as a carefree escape from solo queue, this should only make it more carefree—and a lot bloodier.