All-Stars 2016: Final Match Recap

After Uzi secured the title of the All-Star 2016 1v1 Champion and the win for Team Ice, Fire and Ice were set to meet for one last best-of-three to close out the tournament.

After Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao secured the title of the All-Star 2016 1v1 champion and the win for Team Ice, Fire and Ice were set to meet for one last best-of-three series to close out the tournament. Here is how the final set went down.

Game One

                         ICE                                  FIRE

TOP:                 Ziv- Illaoi                            Smeb- Sion
JNG:                 Jankos- Nocturne             Levi- Riven
MID:                 We1less- Lux                      Optimus- Kog’Maw
ADC:                Bebe- Ezreal                      Doublelift- Vayne
SUP:                Mithy- Bard                         Madlife- Blitzcrank

BANS:             Syndra/Ryze/Lee Sin         Le Blanc/Twitch/Rengar

Despite the fact that Team Ice had already secured the All-Stars 2016 title, it was apparent that both teams still wanted to give it their all. Even with questionable picks, both teams made immense efforts to make everything work.

As Đỗ “Levi” Duy Khánh hit level three, he went top to get an easy first blood for Fire. Not long after this kill, the map exploded with kills being traded all around the map. Despite language barriers, both teams looked very well coordinated. There were many combos that were pulled off that resulted in amazing kills on both ends.

Through all the explosive picks, Team Fire pulled a strong lead of 5k gold. With their lead, they were able to push their CC pressure onto Ice and took immediate map control. To the surprise of the casters, Levi on jungle Riven was legendary at the 16 minute mark and was a driving force behind Fire’s dominance.

As the game progressed, it turned more and more into a messy bloodbath. Players were taking crazy fights on purpose, which resulted in a hilarious viewing experience. Through all of this, Team Fire grew their lead even more. Every random fight slightly grew Fire’s lead, but it was apparent Ice was not going to go down without a fight.

On the back of Wei “We1less” Zhen, Ice started to mount a comeback. The carries of Fire couldn’t step one inch out of place or they faced the risk of being one shot by Lux. Time and time again, We1less managed to snipe a member or two of Fire before a big fight, which forced Fire to slow their advances.

Unfortunately for Ice, Fire baited a Baron and managed to kill most of Ice. After one final push, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng got a quadra kill off the back of his team’s immense amount of CC. This sealed the fate of Ice for game one, as Team Fire took the first game of this series.

Fire 1 – 0 Ice

Game Two

                     FIRE                                   ICE

TOP:             QTV- Lee Sin                       Mouse- Kled
JNG:             Bengi- Ivern                         Karsa- Kha’Zix
MID:             Bjergsen- Heimerdinger     Maple- Katarina
ADC:            PraY- Draven                        Rekkles- Kalista
SUP:            Aphromoo- Bard                  Mata- Syndra

BANS:         Garen/Galio/Gangplank       Illaoi/Caitlyn/Elise

To the surprise of everyone, Ivern was locked in, and it did not disappoint, at least in the early game. Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong invaded for a quick level two and secured first blood for Fire. Similar to last game, the first blood was a spark that ignited a fire around to map, as multiple kills were traded. The one flaw in Team Fire’s plan was not realizing that Ice was more than ready for the cheese.

Despite Fire’s amazing start, Ice took full momentum in their favor as they caught multiple members of Fire out. Unfortunately for Fire, Bard, Ivern and Heimerdinger aren’t exactly the best picks against teamfight monsters like Katarina and Kalista. Nevertheless, both teams had constant smiles.

As Fire’s carries started to gain a bit of damage, they were able to start making better trades in teamfights. Kim “PraY” Jong-in and Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg slowly began to deal enough damage to keep Katarina from running a train through their team. That being said, Chen “Mouse” Yu-Hao showed that Kled can easily destroy teams by himself.

The sheer amount of all-in and burst left Team Fire dying out fight after fight. At this point, Fire was 20k gold behind and at the mercy of Ice. Baron buff allowed Ice to roll through Fire with ease, ending the second game in just under 24 minutes. With that, Ice tied the series going into the deciding final game.

Fire 1 – 1 Ice

Game Three

                      FIRE                                   ICE

TOP:             Impact- Teemo                     sOAZ- Shaco
JNG:             Reignover- Skarner             Clearlove- Master Yi
MID:             Faker- Zed                           xPeke- Maokai
ADC:           Celebrity- Draven                Uzi- Tristana
SUP:           RonOP- Brand                      Albis- Rengar
BANS: Garen/Galio/Gangplank  Nautilus/Le Blanc/Syndra

Just by looking at the champions on the side of Ice, you could see how crazy this game was destined to be. Despite the troll picks, Fire was dead set on taking down Ice. Five minutes in, Fire was already ahead 1k gold. The only lane that even had any footing for Ice was the duo lane, but it wasn’t much.

Crowd control oriented picks like Brand and Skarner on the side of Fire left Ice scared to make any sort of move. Ice tried to find picks around the top side with Paul “sOAZ” Boyer, but they were too far behind to extinguish Team Fire.

At this point, Ice were running around with no purpose. They began to troll Fire by running around in circles and playing hide-and-go-seek. In good fun, Fire began to troll back by letting members of Ice live after putting them on the edge of death. After a few cheeky exchanges, Fire turned the heat back up and began melting Ice again.

Fire began playing with their food, often diving behind Ice’s towers for kills. Ice tried to mount a comeback by getting an ace, but unfortunately for them, it wasn’t enough. Fire’s lead had already grown into a wildfire, and it was unforgiving. One last push gave Fire the headway they needed to close out the game, winning the series for Team Fire and closing out the 2016 All-Star event.

Fire 2 – 1 Ice

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