How do you get Geodes in Stardew Valley?

The easiest ways to acquire these useful rocks.

Screengrab via ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley is an open-ended, life simulation game, putting players into the shoes of a farmer. The game allows players to do whatever they please that will better their lives and their farm. Some of these tasks include cooking, fishing, foraging, growing crops, mining, and raising livestock. Players also have social lives, they can communicate with the other townspeople of Stardew Valley, make friends with them and even marry and have children.

Of these activities mentioned, we will be highlighting mining today. Specifically, about Geodes and how to acquire them in Stardew Valley.


Geodes are mineral deposits that can contain either artifacts, basic resources, ores, or other minerals. They can be obtained from breaking rocks which can be found either above ground or underground in the mines, starting at floor one all the way down to floor 39. Geodes also have a chance of being dropped by Duggies. 

There are even more methods of finding Geodes. They can be found as rewards in Fishing Treasure Chests or received as a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star. Fishing is another way of acquiring Geodes via the Stonefish. A Stonefish pond produces anywhere between one to five Geodes when its population reaches nine. 

For players starting out on the Beach Farm, Geodes may occasionally be found in the supply crates if the player has not upgraded the Farmhouse yet. These Geodes range from anywhere between two and four. 

Geodes can be broken open by Clint in the Blacksmith shop for a fee of 25 gold or by using a Geode Crusher. Sometimes these Geodes may contain various gemstones and minerals that can either be donated to Gunther or be turned into bars, depending on the mineral.

Types of Geodes

Screengrab via ConcernedApe

Based on how deep into the mines players go, they can find different types of Geodes. These types can be differentiated into:

  • Basic Geode: They look like typical spherical stones. They are the most common form of Geode available and can be found through various means.
  • Frozen Geode: These Geodes are a lot rarer, found between floor 60 and floor 80 of the mines. They look like triangular stones with a blue-green tint to them.
  • Omni Geode: Found even deeper in the mines between floor 80 and floor 100, these Geodes look like a cluster of stone with flecks of color lodged between the stone.
  • Magma Geode: These Geodes are found in some of the deepest floors of the mines, starting at floor 81 all the way down to floor 120. These look like fiery red versions of the basic Geodes.

Depending on the types of Geodes, a variety of materials can be found after players break them. Each one offers something new in the player’s progress towards constructing their dream farm.