Best standing desk chairs

Complete a standing desk setup.

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Standing desks can be a lifesaver when it comes to regaining energy throughout a work day, balancing your mood while in work mode, and can even help reduce back pain caused by sitting too often. But, just like it’s not advised to sit for prolonged periods, standing too much may have adverse side effects like leg, foot, and ankle pain. This is where a quality standing desk chair comes in.

There are a couple of things to look for in a standing desk chair: adjustability, height, material, a sturdy back, weight capacity, and size. Adjustability is key in ensuring the chair can meet your needs. Height is on the level with adjustability since a standing desk chair will need to reach the desk. Material is a personal preference so whether it’s leather or fabric, everyone will have to judge for themselves. Right up there with all of the other factors is finding a chair with a strong back for support. Lastly, finding a chair that’s the appropriate size for the space is crucial to keeping any standing desk setup looking clean.

Here are some of the best standing desk chairs you can get right now.

Best standing desk chairs

Hylone High-Back Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair

Image via Hylone

Hylone’s high-back drafting chair offers the comfort of a standard office chair in a standing desk format. The high back design coupled with the mesh fabric is more familiar than other options on the list and can lead to an easier adjustment period.

Along with being easy to acclimate to, Hylone’s offering boasts some adjustability as well. Both armrests flip up and down, making it easier to pop out of work mode in a hurry. The metal ring footrest is also adjustable, allowing the user to set it for standing and sitting positions. To round out the adjustability front, this chair reaches up to 31 inches tall to make it an ideal standing desk chair.

A word of caution, though. There are two colorways for this chair: black and white. The black option appears to be an inch shorter than the white version. We recommend going for the greatest degree of adjustability possible when choosing a standing desk chair.

Modway Veer Reception Desk Flip-Up Arm Drafting Chair

Image via Modway

For those looking for another more traditional office chair option, Modway’s Veer chair is a solid bet. It doesn’t raise as high as some of the other options on the list like the the Hylone, but it still has plenty of features to keep it in the running.

Looking at the adjustability, Modway’s option on reaches up to 29.5 inches high, which is a couple short of Hylone’s. But the chair matches the Hylone’s adjustable armrests and also features a footrest ring for use when at standing desk height.

Being a familiar design is already a big win since transitioning to a standing desk can be jarring for some. But Modway’s chair goes a step further than other chairs listed by provided several colorways for users to choose from. Options include mesh in black, blue, white, or red.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Ergonomic Drafting Chair

Image via Flash Furniture

Similar to the Modway option, the Flash Furniture drafting chair features a solid level of adjustability but falls behind in the weight capacity department at just 250 pounds. However, Flash Furniture does redeem itself in the style department, featuring six different colorways and fabric combinations.

Touching on Flash Furniture’s drafting and standing desk chair’s adjustability, users can expect a max seat height of 27.5 inches, a tilt lock mechanism, 360-degree metal footrest, and flip-up armrests. It’s still not quite as tall as the Modway standing desk chair but comes in well under in terms of price. The cost does go up depending on material, though.

HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Chair

Image via HAG

HAG’s Capsico chair is easily the most expensive standing desk chair on the list, but it has something the other chairs don’t: a sit-how-you-like design. While this sounds pretty simple, it’s clear that a great deal of thought went into the design of this chair since it allows the user to sit in nearly every reasonable position imaginable. It doesn’t matter if users sit on it backwards, forwards, with legs tucked underneath, or sideways; this chair will support the users preference.

In terms of adjustability, the Capisco standing desk chair raises the highest at up to 33 inches but doesn’t feature any armrests due to the sit-how-you-like design. Users can also adjust the seat height, seat depth, back height, and back tilt of the Capisco. HAG offers the Capsico in several colors, including black, Camira Era Bloom, Camira Era Cobalt, Camira Era Slate, Camira Era Jet, Camira Era Sprout, and Camira Era Wash.

The biggest pills to swallow here are the price and lower 250-pound weight capacity. There’s no getting around the nearly $1,000 price tag. Users who value flexibility in how their chair supports them will likely benefit greatly from the Capisco’s thoughtful design. For others, this will just play as another overpriced ergonomic chair.

Laura Davidson SOHO Soft Pad Drafting Chair

Image via Laura Davidson

Only outdone by the HAG Capisco, the SOHO standing desk chair is the second most pricey option on the list. What buyers are really paying for here is style. This is one of the better looking chairs on the market. It also ships in 10 different options, giving users a chance to match the theme of their standing desk setup.

In terms of adjustability, there’s nothing to write home about. This chair is purely style over substance, unlike the high-priced Capisco, which approaches both with the same energy. The SOHO maxes out at 33 inches high and the only other adjustability comes in the form of a rocking mechanism. Paired with the 360-degree metal footrest ring, and the SOHO standing chair is a stylish and functional option with a 400-pound weight capacity.

Best standing desk stools

SONGMICS Standing Desk Chair

Image via Songmics

This chair type may not look like much, but stools can help improve posture and core strength, are easy to move and store, and are easier to assemble. Songmics’ take on the standing desk chair is minimalist and provides the user with a fair amount of flexibility and adjustability.

The high-density foam seat can be raised, tilted, and swiveled to meet stand desk user needs. Featuring an adjustable height range of 23.6 inches to 33.3 inches, the Songmics stool is actually higher than the Hylone option. Users can also tilt the chair eight degrees and swivel up to 90 degrees with a rebound function that returns the seat to neutral position.

While the height and adjustability are nice for many, not everyone will benefit from the Songmics option. The company recommends users be at least five foot seven inches tall, leaving those on the shorter side out of luck.

OCOMMO Standing Desk Chair with Adjustable Height and Anti-Fatigue Mat

Image via Ocommo

Ocommo’s chair is one of the more flexible options on the list, thanks to its multi-stance design. Using three different levels of adjustment, this chair gives users the option of sitting in a regular position, using the chair as an armrest, or as something to lean on for support.

The chair’s flexibility is largely informed by its adjustable height, which is much taller than those listed so far. Ocommo’s standing desk chair features three levels of adjustment: 24.2 inches, 35.4 inches, and 46.5 inches. In terms of sitting and standing positions, Ocommo gives users more options.

But one of the other main factors to consider is the built-in anti-fatigue mat. Typically a quality mat runs around $100. While this chair is $349, a large chunk of that price tag comes from the mat itself. The mat can help reduce foot and ankle pain and is removable for easy cleaning.

Fully Luna Standing Desk and Task Stool

Image via Fully

For those who prefer a standing desk stool with a bit more style than the Songmics options, Fully’s Luna stool ought to do the trick. This stool comes in many different colorways to give users a bit more freedom of expression in their home or office setting. Options include black, white, Fern, Jay, and gray.

Fully’s Luna stool also provides the user with a good bit of confidence. While the Songmics stool also features a non-slip base, its weight capacity isn’t very convincing at 265 pounds. Conversely, the Luna supports users up to 300 pounds, which is a considerable amount more than the Songmics standing desk chair.

While this chair reach 33 inches and is ideal for standing desks, it is admittedly a bit pricey and may not sit well with every buyer. For those looking to purchase a product they can be confident in and choose an option to fit their personal style, the Luna standing desk chair and stool is a good place to start.

Vivora Luno

Image via Vivora

This one is the oddball of the bunch. While the Vivora Luno could easily be used as exercise equipment, the felt case prevents it from having an all-out fitness vibe. Instead, the Luno can fit in easily in a workplace or home office and rolls away and deflates for easy storage.

It’s easy to go without sitting at a standing desk, especially for those looking for a more active seating position that is offered from something like a stool. While there’s no chance of using a standing desk in its extended position with the Luno, it can provide a nice break from standing while providing an active seating position that engages core and leg muscles. The Luno also supports up to 400 pounds, the highest capacity along with the SOHO.

Vivora’s Luno is available in Anthracite, Cardinal red, Clay, Great Lakes blue, and Marble.

Uncaged Ergonomics Wobble Stool

Image via Uncaged Ergonomics

The Wobble Stool is another out-there option for standing desk users who prefer to remain active while sitting. With the Wobble Stool, users are free to take advantage of the swaying base to create a more energized workspace. It isn’t for everyone, but it fulfills its intended purpose with zero frills or apparent flaws. This option is ideal for those who want the activeness of a ball but the look of a stool.

This option maxes out at 33 inches tall like the Fully Luna standing desk stool and features full 360-degree swivel. When not in use, the Wobble Stool stands upright without the need to balance, making it just as easy to have in the office or home as the other stool options.

Available in three colors and two material types, the Wobble Stool gives buyers a little wiggle room with how they fill out their standing desk setup. Buyers can choose from blue, red, and black in either fabric or vinyl.

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